2016 FSRA Scholastic State Champs Again


Congrats to our Winter Park Crew Men and Women on their 2016 FSRA Scholastic State Championships

Team Time Scholastic Overall Team Time Scholastic Overall
Women’s V8 4:56:00 1st 1st Men’s V8 4:24:00 1st 2nd
Women’s 2V 5:07:00 1st 1st Men’s 2V 4:42:00 1st 4th
Women’s 3V 5:30:00 1st 3rd Boy’s 1st Freshman 4:39:00 1st 1st
Women’s 4V 5:44:00 1st 3rd Boy’s 2nd Freshman 5:06:00 1st 1st
Boy’s Junior 4 5:39:00 4th (Petite Final)

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