rowing_girl_2Welcome to the Winter Park Crew!


In our 50-plus years of competition, our team has won an impressive 36 State championship titles, numerous city championships and an inordinate number of medals from the Stotesbury Cup Regatta and the Scholastic Nationals. This year the team will no doubt continue that tradition and continue to develop strong, dynamic, intelligent and thoughtful young students.


Your Crew Booster Board desires to serve you and our coaches with dedication and insight to help this program excel and reach new heights. This year’s Crew Board enjoys a great platform and program established over the years by dedicated volunteers. We hope to honor them while building further. However, we cannot do this alone and need our families of student rowers to volunteer and pitch in all year long.


To our novice Crew parents, we hope you will find WP Crew to your liking and encourage you to quickly find a place to lend a hand all season. To our new rowers: Crew is a great challenge to mind, body and spirit. In WP Crew you will find yourself working alongside some of the top rowers and students in the country. Remember, some our finest rowers and alumni didn’t initially know an oar from a bow from a port. And yet, they’ve become some of the best talent this team has ever seen.


Winter Park Crew is also a family. Many have found lifetime friends and remained as volunteers well past their own children’s graduation to contribute to the ongoing success of this team.

To our returning rowers: we hope you achieve all you desire in your returning season.

As you well know, many twists and turns, both literally and figuratively, can and will happen this year. Be ready. Be willing. Be leading by serving your fellow rowers and teammates.


Finally, to our faithful returning parents, your continued support of your children on and off the water will go a long way in helping them not only row their best, but to serve them well long after they leave the McAllister Boathouse. We look forward to seeing you at meetings, regattas and volunteering all season long.