Code of Conduct




In an effort to achieve our goal, the coaches, parents and athletes of Winter Park Crew are committed to the following principles:

We are part of a team that is an elite program in North America. We expect our efforts and teamwork will help us continue a tradition of winning, but…..winning will be the reward for outstanding effort, not the goal.

We work hard to preserve an image that Winter Park Crew is a group of scholar athletes who compete with outstanding sportsmanship first and foremost.

We are students before we are athletes. Our priority is academics.

We understand the decisions our coaches make are in the best interest of the team, not always in the best interest of an individual’s desires and we are supportive of our coach’s decisions.

We treat our teammates and coaches with respect. We respect one another’s ability as an athlete.

We respect one another’s unique personality.

We respect one another’s personal property.

As a member of a team, we never put individual interests above the best interests of the team.

Many people before us have made sacrifices to purchase the equipment used by Winter Park Crew. We treat our boats, ergs and other equipment with extreme care knowing it will be needed by the teammates that follow us.

We understand that the use of drugs and alcohol is illegal and beyond the legal aspect, use of drugs and alcohol demonstrates a lack of respect for my body and for my teammates. We understand that any of use of alcohol or drugs while a member of the Winter Park Crew team will lead to immediate dismissal from the team.

We give our best each day at practice and understand that this is valued above our natural ability.

Each of us is proud to be a member of the Winter Park Crew team, and we respect the traditions and opportunity of the team at all times.

We understand that following the above principles is the priority of each member of the team, and failing to honor any of the above principles will put an individual in a position to be removed from the team.